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Casey Perfetto | Owner

Photography is part of my daily life and consumes my thoughts. I am passionate about animals and spending as much time by the ocean as possible. I've been operating my photography business since I was a sophomore in high school and graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2017, where I earned a BFA in 2-D Studio Arts with a concentration in photography. In art school I developed a passion for the shooting and developing process of 35mm film and the unpredictable, but unique abilities of film photography. I am a published editorial photographer and have showcased my photographic work in over a dozen exhibitions in Knoxville. Possessing extensive expertise in social media management spanning over 6 years, I've managed multiple national clients' social presences. I am committed to the art of storytelling and contributing to the local art community.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your photo needs and in the mean time have fun browsing my site.​​


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